The Vitamins and Minerals Essential for Life

The Vitamins and Minerals Essential for Life

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Anni Dahms Owner of the retail chain ANNI’s VITAL SHOP. Nurse- & Health specialist, Biopath and Nutritional Adviser.

In these months, many people are starting their summer vacation. People from all over the world are coming together here in Spain, and the air is thick with many different charming languages and dialects. There is kissing and hugging with excitement and joy, because is it again possible to see the loved ones. Often all the precautions are forgotten in the moments of excitement.

Therefore this article will be dedicated to the importance of taking vitamins, to ensure that your immune system will stay strong during these summer months.

Vitamins and minerals are vital, however, the statements from the authorities are almost always centered around the diseases rather than health in general.

It is rare to hear of the importance of vitamins and minerals for our well-being and, perhaps more importantly, for the strengthening of our immune system. It is often defended by statements about how the effects of dietary supplements are not well documented, but this is no longer true today. There is ongoing serious research and progress being made on the importance of getting the right nutrients. There was a dietary supplement called Bio-Strath, now know as simply as Strath, that was the indirect cause for why I changed occupation from being a nurse to working with complementary medicine, which I am calling my current occupation.

The abovementioned happened, when I rather late in life, started on my education to become a nurse, at the same time that I had three small children and a busy husband holding a management position. I was starting to burnout during my education, which was noticed by a friendly and insightful nurse, who one day cornered me and said she could see how tired I was. She recommended that I should buy a bottle of Bio-Strath.

Normally I would not have paid attention to so called alternative treatment, but I was so weary that I was ready to try anything suggested to me.

I quickly went into the city and bought a bottle of Bio-Strath and in 4 days everything started to change. I was happy and easily laughed, I was able to concentrate again and filled with energy and joy. Thus my curiosity was awakened and it swayed me into my occupation, which I still am full of enthusiasm about to this day.

Obviously the most important thing is to eat healthily and often, but unfortunately most of the foods we buy, are conventionally cultivated and preprocessed, which of course affects the food’s content of vitamins, minerals, and trace elements.

I experience daily that many people are confused about how they should view the importance of consuming vitamins and minerals.

The official “health authorities” neglect the need for the right supplements of vitamins. People often tell me that when they ask for guidance from their doctor about vitamins and minerals, then they are often met with the answer: “as long as you eat healthily, then you will get enough from your diet” … where does this information come from? As far as I am aware, during their studies, doctors are still not taught much about the importance our food and supplements have.

I personally feel, that there should be more of an emphasis on the orientation of how we can, with the right nutrients, take care of ourselves in the best possible way. Making sure that our bodies, joy of life, and immune system are kept in the best possible shape.

I am of the opinion that if we were educated on the importance of the right supplements, then we could reduce and avoid much of the diseases.

The diet

It is important that you take responsibility for eating properly. By that I mean that you should ensure that you eat ecological and unprocessed foods as much as possible, supplemented with vitamins and minerals, so you have the best possible immune system. Even though you may have busy weekdays, is it still possible to eat healthy. I have personally gotten more and more aware of the importance of my diet and the right vitamins, minerals, and other supplements. Even with my busy days, I make a rough meal plan and do my grocery shopping once a week, thereby making sure that I have all the products I need at the ready.
Avoid all sugary foods, they deteriorate your immune system. I do, however, love a good unheated honey. I believe in the healing properties of honey. As I have a bit of a sweet tooth, you will often find a honey sandwich in my meal plan. I have many different kinds of honey in my cupboard. Manuka honey with a high concentration, has a special place in there, and is often used if a sore throat or some other infection is looming. If I have gotten a cut that does not want to heal, then I will place some Manuka honey on a piece of gauze and apply it to the wound. It has worked miracles for me, as I was born with red hair and always have had sensitive skin.
I am almost addicted to my food processor. I make all my favorite raw salads with it, in no time.
A raw food dish, which is one of my favorites, is a combination of beets, apples, carrots, onions, as well as leaves from my kale plant, which I have in a pot outside my door, if there are any left. Voilà, then I have a wonderfully tasting raw food dish, which is seasoned with quality olive oil and fresh pressed garlic.
The rest of the raw food can then be used in an omelet the next day. It gives both a wonderful taste and adds lots of the wonderful colors from the raw food.
Many seasoning herbs also contain plenty of vitamins and minerals. Of course, it is best if you grow your own herbs, however, if that is not possible then make sure you get them ecological.
Many good vegetables are also rich on vitamins and minerals, for instance many types of kale, but also potatoes, eggplants, cucumbers, tomatoes, peas, and beets are good. You could perhaps consider making your own vitamin drink. Your options are only limited by your imagination. If you are lacking inspiration, then there are many recipes on the internet, just as there are plenty of books filled with recipes of vitamin rich drinks.

Vitamin and Mineral Supplements

I make it a priority to ensure that my immune system is as strong as possible. Every day I take a wide array of vitamins, minerals, and other supplements.
I recommend everyone take a good multivitamin /mineral product daily. Make sure you get a product with a good quality. The market for vitamins and minerals is varied but follow your gut and perhaps ask in your local supplement store. Make sure that it is a product with a high absorbability.You can preferably supplement with vitamin-C. We all know from school, that a lack of vitamin-C can lead to scurvy, but researchers have, through the years, discovered that vitamin-C has countless protective qualities, for instance does vitamin-C protect against atherosclerosis and thereby help the heart and cardiovascular system.B-vitamins, that are also water soluble like C-vitamins, consist of a row of B-vitamins with different functions. Many mental and psychological problems can be because there are special needs for one or more of the B-vitamins. Meanwhile, you have to remember, that if the dosage of one B-vitamin is increased, then it can lead to a deficiency of the other B-vitamins. The B-vitamins should be taken in combination, however, you can supplement with a specific B-vitamin for a limited time period if needed.A lack of vitamin-D can be fatal to our immune system’s ability to protect us, as it strengthens the immune system significantly.
We know, that especially elder people tend to have a lack of vitamin-D in their system, giving them an increased risk that disease will develop. Vitamin-D is also known as the sunshine vitamin, as we form it in our skin when exposed to sunlight, but this is rarely enough.

Selenium is especially important for the prevention of cardiovascular disease and atherosclerosis. Studies have shown that Selenium taken together with Q10 has bettered the heart function with test groups and lowered the rate of death. The Selenium content in the earth, here in the west, is very low.

Magnesium deficiency is one of the most common deficiencies in the western world. It is especially prominent with the elderly and can show itself as severe grumpiness. Lacking magnesium can also lead to a poor memory. Other deficiency symptoms can be cramps, oversensitivity to sounds, muscle pain, insomnia, dizziness, and migraine.

The list with the most important vitamins and minerals is almost unending. However, I am limited by the space. The abovementioned is meant as an appetizer and inspiration to take your dietary supplements in this summertime, where you might tend to get a bit lenient with your eating and drinking habits.


You can strengthen your immune system in many ways. There is currently a lot of talk and writing about many of the old well-known herbal teas, and their supportive effect on the immune system. Some of the most known are dandelion, fennel, star anise, etc. A new “old” herb has made it to the spotlight. It is pine needles that is consumed as an herbal tea. The mentioned herbs contain the, now very popular, Shikimic acid that helps maximize the immune system. There are references that indicate that pine needles work as an antioxidant, strengthens the heart and circulation, improves vision, and eases respiratory problems.
Garlic should also be a part of your home pharmacy. If you use raw garlic, then make sure you get them ecological. You can also buy them in capsule form with a high quality.
Make sure you take a supplement of Omega 3. It is a great aid for your brain, heart, and your overall health. Ensure that you get Omega 3 every day.
A good night’s sleep is important to function well in everyday life. There are many tasty herbal teas, that can help you sleep better.

We wish you a lovely summer with plenty of joy, fun, sun, and wonderful experiences.

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