Kelpasan, 120 tablets


Rich in naturally occurring iodine.

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Kelp, sometimes also known as Sea Kelp, refers to a group of brown algae or seaweed. Although kelp may be found in the seas of many parts of the temperate world, they appear to grow particularly well in the Pacific Ocean.

Sea kelp has been used in healthcare for many centuries. It was eaten firstly as a food and many cultures (such as the Japanese) still value seaweed as part of their daily diet. Kelp contains a variety of nutrients, especially iodine, and it is for this reason that people use it to help maintain the normal functioning of the thyroid gland.


Mandatory text for food supplements: The recommended daily dose should not be exceeded. Food supplements must not replace a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Keep out of the reach of children. Should only be used by pregnant women and children under 1 year of age by appointment with a doctor or health nurse. NOTE. The above text is a required text. The age indication may vary. See therefore possibly the specific indication under “Daily dosage”.


Daily dosage:

Adults: 2 tablets.


Nutrients and other substances having
nutritional or physiological effect:

Contents Per 2 tablets Unit NRV
(Macrocystis pyrifera)
66 mg
Iodine 100 mcg 66.6%


NRV = Nutrient reference value for
adults and children over 11 years.
– NRV not determined.


Instructions for use and precautions:

Take 2 tablets daily with a little water.



Store dry and not too hot.


Stabilizer (microcrystalline cellulose)

Thickeners (corn starch and potato starch)

Kelp seaweed (Macrocystis pyrifera)

Thickener (SOY polysaccharides)

Anti-caking agent (magnesium stearate)


If an * is indicated by an ingredient, it is 100% organic.





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