Pulmonary disorders by Anni Dahms

Pulmonary disorders by Anni Dahms


IMG_6647 ABy Anni Dahms
Owner of the retail chain
Nurse- & Health
specialist,  Biopath and Nutritional Adviser.

The rainforest is popularly referred to as the earth’s lungs. As the rainforest is becoming less and less, it is perhaps logical that the human lungs are also suffering more and more.

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LungerI know that strict official science says that we will not be suffocated even though the rainforests are being felled. Nevertheless, I personally believe that microcosmos is as macrocosmos. There are of course many different reasons for the rapid increase in pulmonary disorders over recent years. Although we don’t go around every day thinking about our breathing, I think it’s a good idea to pay attention before any problems become serious. The lungs have to bring oxygen to our body and remove carbon dioxide from the blood. If the cells and tissue don’t get sufficient oxygen, we stop functioning optimally. The exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide is known as respiration. It is calculated that about every 10th Dane has a pulmonary disorder. Pulmonary disorders such as asthma, bronchitis, enlarged lungs, age etc. have an impact on our ability breathe well. People with good breathing also tend to have better cardiac function and better circulation. One says, that when you reach about the age of 70 your lung capacity decreases by up to 40%, unless you exercise frequently or keep your breathing healthy in another way, eg. with special breathing exercises. A good lung capacity is usually followed by a good wellbeing, this due to your cells being filled with more energy when you breathe deeply and thoroughly. Unfortunately we are all being faced with uncomfortable amounts of contamination from various toxins, airborne chemicals, cigarette smoke, dust, etc. which contribute to obstructions with our breathing. Therefore, we become fatigued more quickly, have problems with our memory and our skin looks tired and sapped of energy. Various forms of stress and sedentary jobs often involve us breathing superficially. This results in the lungs losing their elasticity, which in turn can make you more prone to bronchitis etc.

Louise Hay writes that the lungs present the ability to take in life and pass life on, that problems with lungs means that we are afraid to take in life, and that we may not believe that we are worthy of living life to the absolute fullest.

For example, she writes that pulmonary edema in combination with being a heavy smoker is a way of denying life, in other words the heavy smoker may secretly believe that they aren’t worthy of existing. If you feel that your breathing isn’t quite as it should be, then get started on improving the function of your lungs. It’s never too late.



MangoIf you are suffering from a pulmonary If you are suffering from a pulmonary disorder, it is incredibly important that you eat a healthy diet. If you fry your food, be sure to use butter and some good olive oil. Almost daily we are given reviews on which oils are best to fry with. It’s best to not fry at all, however, my personal favorite oils for frying are olive oil and coconut oil and butter also. It can be a good idea to mix 1 tablespoonful of various seeds once a week, eg. sesame, flax, sunflower, pumpkin together with walnuts, almonds and hazelnuts. Put these in a glass in the fridge. Use a little every day, eg. on top of your porridge, muesli, yoghurt, etc. It’s a fantastic way of getting your essential oils. If you know that you’ll never get this done yourself, you will find that there are different mixes available. Hemp seed is another good option, it’s rich in both omega 3 and 6. Ensure you are eating a sufficient amount of fruit and vegetables. Be careful when it comes to cauliflower, other forms of cabbage as well as apples and the various types of beans as these can give stomach gas which in turn can put pressure on the diaphram and lungs. Both fruits and vegetables contain a lot of good antioxidants. The ‘stomach-friendly’ are berries, mango, all forms of potato, capsicum, tomato, squash etc. Gently try these out. Eat a good amount of avocados, which contains some very healthy fatty acids. Use healthy oils on your salads and mix them yourself with flaxseed oil, olive oil, avocado oil etc. Avoid all foods made from white flour, this including white bread, cake, normal pasta. It creates mucus and doesn’t benefit the body in any way. Instead, replace with whole grain products which have fiber and helps to keep the stomach in check. Choose for example whole grain rice, glutenfree oatmeal and quinoa, the latter being one of the newer grain products which contains many nutrients. You can cook it as you do rice, buy it as flour and mix into your bread as well as it being available as flakes for your muesli, salads etc. Stay away from foods containing sugar such as dairy products are not recommended. As with white flour, it induces mucus. Nuts such as walnuts, brazil nuts, almonds, etc. contain a whole lot of healthy unsaturated fatty acids and especially vitamin E. Eat plenty of sunflower seeds. Remember to eat fish. It serves as a light meal with plenty of protein. You also get a lot of healthy fatty acids when eating salmon, makrel, sardines, herring, halibut etc. Whenever possible try to choose organic products.


If you have a lung disorder, it is important to keep yourself as healthy as possible with good supplementation. There are those people who think that we get enough of the healthy nutrients if we eat “healthy”. It is my opinion that this cannot be done today with all the pollution we are surrounded by. The soil is exhausted and tired. There is a long transport time for some food sources. Pesticides are used. The harvest is artificially accelerated etc. Make sure to get vitamins/minerals of highly absorbable quality.

  • Chlorella is a unicellular green algae. It contains all the necessary amino acids and a large quantity of essential vitamins and minerals, as well as the essential fatty acids. It has a lot of healing properties. If you have one of good quality, it will be good at detoxifying and healing. It strengthens the immune system and contains a lot of good fibres. It aids the brain by providing it with oxygen, as Chlorella contains chlorophyll and is therefore a carrier of pure oxygen. It helps to give good energy. I have heard Chlorella being described at the earth’s lungs. It’s considered to be a superfood.
  • If possible take extra doses of vitamin C, vitamin E and extra vitamin D.
  • Research has shown that Q10 may aid better breathing in cases of pulmonary disorders.
  • L-Carnitine is a vitamin-like amino acid that can help to support the function of your lungs and to provide energy.
  • Olive leaf acts as a natural antibiotic. The Olive leaf has both anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.
  • Serrapeptase is an enzyme which I am personally very fond of. Initially it was extracted from the silk worm, but today it is produced synthetically. It has a long range of activity, and you can read up about it on the internet at serrapeptase info. There is a book written called “Serrapeptase a miracle enzyme”. It is often instrumental in relieving pulmonary symptoms. You should be aware that there are occasionally people who are hypersensitive to the product.
  • Turmeric is a dietary supplement also known as Curcumin and Gurkemeje. Turmeric related to ginger and has been used as a spice for many years. It is a potent antioxidant with high anti-inflammatory effects.
  • Astragalus is a plant with roots in North China. It can aid in improving the function of your lungs and help prevent respiratory infections.


  • Remember to drink plenty of water. The best way to quench your thirst is with pure water.
  • Many have had really good experiences when receiving treatment from a skilled acupuncturist, which may contribute to the feeling of increased quality of life. 
  • Yoga, Tai Chi and other soft forms of exercise can be really good for increasing lung function. 
  • As often as possible, allow your clothes to consist of natural materials because we also breathe with our skin, which is our largest organ. The use of synthetic materials can hinder substantially. 
  • In the world in which I am educated, grief is often the basis for lung problems. It may be a good idea to talk to a psychologist. Is there something/someone you should forgive in your life before being able to move forward? Perhaps you do not wish to forgive, because a person or a few people have hurt you so much that you do not want to forgive.
    Actually it is only an act of kindness towards ONESELF to forgive. The moment you forgive, you set yourself free from that person. As long as you have not forgiven the person(s), you are bound to them. 
  • Pay attention to yourself taking deep breaths in and out at regular intervals throughout the day. 
  • Choose some good dance music, and dance and sing as much as your pipes and clothes can handle. At first you may only be able to for a short few minutes, but you’ll find that you can do it for a little while  longer every day. Joy is automatically reinforced when you allow yourself to go in a fully free dance. 
  • Watch a good film where the laughing muscles are used. It strengthens the function of the lungs and the immune system as well as enriching life. 


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