Faith, Hope, and Detoxification

Faith, Hope, and Detoxification

By Anni Dahms, Owner of the retail chain ANNI’s VITAL SHOP. 
Nurse- & Health specialist,  Biopath and Nutritional Adviser.

As I am writing this, the country slowly opening up from a fatiguing lockdown period. Winter pale children are now spilling out into the streets. Some are looking carefully from behind their mother’s skirt, as if they are not quite sure if it is okay to walk here in the free air, whilst other children are rushing off, completely high on their newfound freedom.

Us grownups are slowly starting to see the light at the end of the long gloomy tunnel.

We are in the first month of summer. After this long time where we have been completely enclosed, have some of us become more conscious of maintaining our health, in a world where a good health seems to be more of an exception than a norm.

Our surrounding environment has changed in the last many years and the poisonous burden of our modern lifestyle threatens our vitality and health in all areas, physically, psychologically, and mentally…

For many of us has the involuntary lockdown been an eye-opening experience and made us aware of the importance of living a disease-free life. We are ready in a different way to think for ourselves, take responsibility for our lives and health, take in healthy nourishment, and insure an on-going detoxification necessary to thrive in our current environment, so we might live a longer, healthier, fulfilled lives.

I hope and believe that we have become more aware of taking care of our health, and take the matter into our own hands instead of waiting for future pandemics..

Each organ plays a vital role in our body

The four most important organs in the body related to detoxification are:

  • The liver.
  • The digestive system
    (The digestive system from the mouth, esophagus, stomach, intestinal system, all the way to the rectum).
  • The kidneys.
  • The skin, which is the largest detoxification organ.

It can be said that when it comes to detoxification, then the liver and the intestinal system is the most important. Incase these two organ systems are not functioning properly, then the body is very vulnerable and susceptible to different kinds of diseases and afflictions.

In the last 10 – 15 years have we seen a significant increase in different chronic sufferings. It could be a contributing cause, that there have been developed millions of new chemicals in the last many years. I read that more than 32 million synthetic chemicals are used today in the global economy. It has become a toxic world, which you cannot avoid, no matter where you live. You are affected by the pollution in the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the food we eat. I think that is one of the causes for the increasing number of afflictions.

The abovementioned is not something we can do much about in our daily life, but every one of us can, in terms of our health, get far by effectively engaging our detoxification organs in the best way possible. Our bodies are fairly decent at healing themselves. If you suffer from a disease or a heavy metal load and wish to cleanse it, then you should not do it yourself, but instead get help from a skilled doctor or another kind of therapist trained in heavy metal detoxification.

The products below are meant as a guide for self-help to insure your everyday well-being.

Dietary supplements

  • Chlorella is a 100% ecological dietary supplement. It is a single celled alga, which lives in freshwater, also called microalgae.
    All Chlorella is not the same, it is important that you target quality. It is grown is large freshwater basins, where it is dried and pressed into tablets without any added substances or tablet forming aids.
    It has a high content of easily absorbable nutrients with vitamins, minerals, omega 3, proteins, chlorophyll, fiber, etc. In addition to this, have studies shown that it has many detoxifying properties, such as decreasing mercury load and other heavy metals. It also works well against constipation.
    Chlorella can be used by people of all ages, from children to grandparents.
  • Spirulina is also an alga. It is believed that it can also be used as an effective detoxification dietary component. Chlorella is more real green, whilst the Spirulina is more blue-green. Many people ask about the difference between the two. They have a lot in common, but they are still very different. Chlorella contains more chlorophyll than Spirulina.
    Chlorella is a single-celled organism with its own nucleus, whereas Spirulina is multi-celled and does not have a true nucleus. Spirulina grows both in saltwater and freshwater and wants to get plenty of sunshine. Chlorella is perhaps a bit harder to digest compared to Spirulina, but the cell walls of Chlorella are broken down. You could say that there is not a lot of difference in the function of the products, but that they in fact complement each other. It could be a good idea to use both algae interchangeably, but you can also buy powders where the algae are mixed.
  • Dandelion can be of great help when dealing with accumulation of toxins in the body and seen as one of the most important medicinal herbs in Denmark. It is strongly diuretic and therefore often an excellent rheumatic agent. It contains calcium unlike normal diuretic medicine, which would normally flush out the calcium in your system. It is blood cleansing and can be a good aid against dermatitis and other skin conditions. It has a mild laxative function and is great for stimulating the liver and gall bladder. It is thought to help prevent kidney stones as well.
    M. Markussen even argued that it could help against radioactive radiation, which is indeed a current topic.
    A relatively new and promising development is that a dandelion extract is in production, which is fermented with dandelion bacteria. It is unpasteurised, without alcohol, and additives, it is even 100% ecological and vegan.
  • There has also recently been developed a complete detoxification program for a 5-day cleanse. I do not personally have any experience with the product, but I have been informed that it has a fast cleansing effect. It also increases the absorption of nutrients and improves the intestinal flora. It is gluten and sugar free. It contains psyllium fiber and inulin and is extracted from plants. The product is based on a patterned 2QR and also works as a prebiotic. The product consists of 5 bags of Detoxner mix and 20 effervescent tablets.
  • Milk thistle with its high content of Silymarin and artichoke are other detoxifying remedies, which are both incredibly healing for the liver.

The diet

It is certainly worthwhile to invest in your health. The old wise words spoken many years ago by the Greek doctor Hippocrates “Let food be thy medicine, and let medicine be thy food” are still very true today and should be complied with to the best of our abilities. The phrase “you are what you eat” is seen by many as an absolute truth.
You should mainly eat ecological. Ecological foods are as far as possible free of all kinds of chemicals. It is my absolute conviction, that ecological foods are healthier than conventional ones. The number of people that prefer ecological foods is also steadily increasing. For me personally, is it a great joy to sink my teeth into an apple or some other fruit, knowing that all my fruits, vegetables, and meats are ecological. It feels great knowing that when I eat a piece of meat, that the animal was not stuffed with steroids, antibiotics, or hormones, and probably also lead a better life.
I like knowing that I, as far as possible, is not stuffing my body with toxins.
When I think of detoxification, then I often sway towards using “green juices” of vegetables. Fruit juice should be consumed sparsely, as it can affect your blood sugar.

Juice with beetroot is very blood cleansing and can be mixed with all green vegetables. For instance, parsley, different types of kale, watercress, leaf- and root celery. The abovementioned is also great for cleaning the stomach.
If you are hungry and want a juice that can fill you up, then you might want to try lecithin granulate, wheat germ, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, and flaxseeds.
A common question for many people is, what is good for us to eat? There is an incredible amount of diets today, such as Paleo, blood type specific, diets to fight high blood pressure and cholesterol, vegetarian, vegan, micro biotic, anti-aging, yes, the list is endless. So, it is not remarkable that we can feel completely overwhelmed about which diet to follow. 

To simplify it, have I created a few rules of thumb for myself.

  • The food must not contain any flavor enhancers or other synthetic additives, or preservatives.
  • I often read the label that is attached to the food.
  • I prefer foods with a high content of protein and not too many carbohydrates.
  • I personally still work on avoiding every kinds of sugar, especially white sugar, which I see as pure poison.


Energy flows through the body all hours of the day. Each organ has an especially active period of 2 hours. For instance, the liver has its active period between 1 and 3. The liver is also seen by some, as responsible for the feelings of anger, irritation, stress, and discontent. Feelings I believe many of us are experiencing during these difficult times. Discontent can make it especially difficult to sleep in this period or result in angry dreams. If the liver is tired, then you might also experience light depressions. Therefore it might be a good idea to help your liver in the best way possible and go to bed early, around 22 – 23.
A good way to detoxify can also be to spoil yourself with a lovely massage or a trip to the sauna. I have often thought that the Finn’s strength is caused by their frequent visits to the sauna, as it really detoxifies your entire system.  

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