When you are packing your suitcase by Anni Dahms

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When you are packing your suitcase by Anni Dahms

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I just made a huge mistake and I have promised myself that I will never do it again. It unnecessarily affected my health.


Perhaps I could have avoided getting sick or the course of illness may have been lessened. In June I had a trip to Denmark, and I was only gone for 5 days. Before my departure I felt very healthy. Therefore, I thought “Oh well, surely for these few days I do not need to pack all my usual supplements.”
My suitcase was packed with a lot of smart new clothes, which I was looking forward to wearing when I had to mingle with people.
This was also why I did not have room for my normal arsenal of dietary supplements, which I usually bring with me wherever I go.
I was only 2 days into my trip before I felt that there was something wrong with my health. I felt slightly uncomfortable and had a difficult time concentrating, I buried it in the back of my mind and proceeded to take part in the festivities (my daughter’s wedding). I took what small amount of supplements I had in my bag and the rest of the vacation went fairly okay.
On my way home to Spain I went looking through the stores in the airport and bought a few presents.
I felt extremely tired, but excited about my night flight, where I had bought extra legroom so I could really relax.
However, there were some unforeseen factors I did not expect.
On the seats behind me were three middle aged men, who saw this quiet time as a time to start a party so everyone could hear them! They were drinking and being noisy all the way.
When I was finally home in my beloved Malaga, I could feel that something was wrong…
I hastily made some herbal tea, and then my reaction came the next day. The following days were tough, with flu symptoms, high fever, mucous, coughing, and pains in my entire body, where the body needed to restore itself.
I am certain that it could have been avoided or strongly lessened, if I had just taken my usual supplements with me on my journey.
For many of us the summer vacation is just around the corner. Based on my own experience and the increasing number of infected, I will encourage you to bring plenty of dietary supplements on your journey. Thus, you may avoid certain unpleasantries and the vacation can be enjoyed in comfort and joy.

The Diet

Make sure that you get plenty of water. It is the best remedy for quench your thirst. If you have young children, then make sure that they drink sufficient water instead of satisfying their thirst with sodas. Accustom them from early childhood to the fact that water tastes great. If you are taking your vacation here in Spain during periods of extreme heat, then you have to make sure that you drink at least 2 liters of water daily. If you can feel that you are deficient in salt, then add some herbal salt to your food or put a little bit of salt in your water.
Make sure your food is light and welcoming. We usually do not feel the greatest hunger during the summer heat. You can preferably eat a cold meal, it is only your fantasy that limits you. You should get plenty of eggs, tomatoes, cucumbers, cold cauliflower, and other vegetables with homemade yogurt dressing with added herbs to taste. Spruce it up with some lovely feta cheese. It enhances the flavor with lots of great herbs, you may even want to add some shrimps or boquerones.
Cold pasta salads with a lovely spicy dressing is often a hit on the summer menu. Use different pastas, some pastas contain more protein than others.
There are many wonderful and healthy fruits available right now. Enjoy them instead of a bunch of unhealthy candy. If you start to choose fruits and vegetables, you will soon find that you fare better in the warm weather. Be mindful about going through the summer with a light and healthy diet.
You can of course enjoy a glass of wine or two or enjoy a cold beer at the nearest bar. However, do be careful not to get too much alcohol. It can often be easy to let it slide, when surrounded by good friends. You can enjoy your wine by taking a Tinto Verano, or by taking a glass of water for every glass of wine you drink. Avoid the strong alcohol.
When you are at a barbeque, avoid the heavily grilled vegetables. Eat them raw instead. Avoid the branded food and make sure that chicken thighs and the different steaks are properly prepared without any of the dangerous forms of branding.
Remember that your liver also wants a great summer, so it is ready when daily life returns.

Dietary supplements

Here I will show a small exert of the dietary supplements I recommend that you bring on your vacation.

It is important that you always bring a small assortment of loose-leaf teas, I personally mix as needed. These can be used to drink a couple of cups daily, perhaps as iced tea.
My personal collection of tea, usually consists of dandelion, pine needle, star anise, and fennel. Dandelion or taraxacum, as it is also known, cleans the liver and gall bladder and it works diuretic and stimulates the secretion of waste products in the body, it also strengthens the immune system. Pine needle has for many years been used as an ingredient in cough medicine, and it has an expectorant and immune stimulating effect. I love star anise, partly because of its beautiful shape, but also because of its wonderful taste. Fennel tastes great, can be consumed by everyone, has a healing effect on the stomach and intestines, good for colds, inflammation, and many other afflictions. A tea with star anise and fennel is also fantastic for infants with stomach issues.

Bring an extra container of vitamin-C. If you are starting to feel a cold coming on, then it is important that you catch it in its early stages for the optimal effect.

When taking about respiratory problems, then NAC is a must have. NAC is an abbreviation for N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine. It is a great expectorant and I have witnessed minor miracles with this substance, where even a stubborn cough and bronchitis has been eased quickly. The dosage is 1 tablet a day, but when I recently experienced a bad cough and thick mucus, I overdosed slightly with great effect. I have also seen small miracles when people with asthma take the supplement. It is likewise noted that NAC can prevent hearing loss if it is caused by too much noise.

For the summer’s unforeseen infections, remedies with Echinacea, Andrographis, and Eleuterococcus Senticosus have helped many people avoid a ruined vacation. The remedies can be used by people of all ages (consult a doctor if you are severely ill).

Make sure that your stomach is feeling good. Start a couple of weeks before the vacation by taking extra good care of your intestinal system with a good probiotic. Make sure you get a product with a high content of viable lactic acid bacteria. If you are taking an antibiotic treatment, then the dose should be increased for a while.

Remember your daily vitamin pills, even though it is vacation time. Make sure you bring an easily absorbable quality product, which contains both vitamins and minerals.

The essential fatty acids must be brought. They work on both your brain and circulatory system and helps your cell membranes keep their elasticity, which should not be forgotten during the vacation.

If you are planning on sunbathing, then it is a good idea to take a supplement of beta carotene. It is optimal to start one month before the sunbathing. It is best for the skin to start early, but under any circumstance it is important to take.

If you normally take Q10, then remember to bring them on your vacation. You can preferably bring a bit extra. It is important to continue with your Q10, as Q10 is not stored in the body very long.

If you know that your summer can be a strain on your liver, then you should already start taking a product at home to support your liver and keep using the product throughout the summer. There is no excuse, or you might end up with long term liver problems.

Always bring some Silicol stomach gel in your first aid box. If you have gotten diarrhea or stomach pains, gas, or heartburn then the gel will alleviate the pain immediately. It can be used by the whole family, from young children to the older generation.


No matter how you plan on spending your vacation, decide beforehand that your summer should be filled with great activities. This applies whether you are going on a big-city vacation or planning to relax at the ocean. Bring proper footwear for the different activities and let your flipflops be dedicated to pure relaxation, make sure you have proper running or hiking shoes.
If you are not big on exercise, then the summer vacation might be just the opportunity to start some good daily routines.
If you can walk, also if you have a bit of trouble with it, then force yourself to increase the distance every day – from 10 minutes to half an hour.
You will find many great exercise machines on most beaches, which can provide some enjoyable minutes and an opportunity to sweat.
If you are more a fan of calm yoga, then there are plenty of yoga classes on the beach, divided into many different difficulty levels.
Keep a hand sanitizer in your bag, if you are going to visit public restrooms.
Make sure you invest in a good sunscreen. Start with a high protection factor, then you can always lower it later on.
Remember a pair of quality sunglasses. It is important to take care of your eyes, no matter what age you are.
Make sure that you have a variety of hats available, that both look good and removes sun from the face.
Another important tip, is that when you have been in the water, never lie down to dry in the sun, change your swimwear instead. This has caused countless urinary tract infections and colds. Many doctors have raised awareness of the dangers of wearing wet swimwear. This applies both to men and women.

Have a lovely summer vacation filled with wonderful experiences for body and soul!

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