Do you want to lose weight? by Anni Dahms

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Do you want to lose weight? by Anni Dahms

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As I am writing this, it is still January and even though we have started a new year, it is as if all the old restrictions, corona threats, corona passport, tests, increased vaccinations for both children and adults, and the like, continues with undiminished strength given the new mutations. The latest mutation being Omicron, which increases the fear in many people. Luckily it seems that Omicron only causes a light sickness. Furthermore, general concerns about the rising inflation and war drums, which have slowly start making noise in remote parts of the world.

Thereby we again get a year, which start off with plenty of challenges.

However, many people do feel that better times are coming our way, which is also being confirmed by top astrologers and other spiritual media, which predict that 2022 in many ways will become better than the two previous years.

For many of us has stress, anxiety, and fear from the two previous years’ challenges, together with celebrations of Christmas and New Year caused an increase in body weight, more than what is good for us.

It is important for me to point out that that we are all different and different types, meaning that it is important that some standard weight does not dominate.

This article is about how you, through a normal diet, can help yourself lose weight without following some special diet. If you would like to follow some specific diet, then there are plenty of such books on the topic and numerous articles online.

Counting calories alone is insufficient. You can of course use calorie counting in a reasonable way, but you have to start thinking about your intestines and how you can better their conditions. It is important in order to be able to lose weight, that you have a functional intestinal system with plenty of good intestinal bacteria. You have roughly 2kg good bacteria and microbes working for you 24 hours a day. Therefore, you have to think about how you treat your body. If your intestinal system is in disarray, then it becomes very hard to lose weight.

The intestinal flora is individual, but as a rule of thumb it has to be healthy and varied. The better your intestines and intestinal flora work together, the easier it is to lose weight. As an added bonus, you will also get a better health and increased well-being. 80% of our immune system is located in the intestines.


The diet

Changing your eating habits demands determination and a bit of effort. You have to prioritize your diet highly and feed yourself, and thereby your intestines, with good and preferably ecological foods. The quality of the food you consume is important both for your intestinal flora and your weight. Generally, I find that the quality of the food we buy is horrible. In the television they always underline how cheap the food is. Nobody, as far as I have seen, emphasize that the quality of their food is best. Without sounding completely fanatic, can I get slightly hysterical when it comes to buying high quality food. This concerns, both meat, bread, vegetables, fruits, etc.

Keep your blood sugar stable. Bananas are something most people enjoy, they are rich with vitamins and minerals. Next time you buy bananas you may want to choose the green ones instead of the yellow. They are slightly harder, a bit more sour and do not taste as sweet. They contain resistant starch, which makes the banana more blood sugar stabilizing. I love the green bananas and think they have much more taste than the more mature bananas. Cold potatoes and sweet potatoes are also blood sugar stabilizing. To help you blood sugar regulate, it is great to eat many vegetables, preferably kale, plenty of broccoli, as well as fermented vegetables.

You may want to cut down on your meat consumption and instead eat poultry, game, fish, eggs, beans, lentils, and a proper homemade dressing for your food. Stick to two pieces of fruit per day, and preferably the
ones that are not too sweet. Remember to include legumes, almonds, and all types of seeds. Stay away from sugary foods, white bread, and pasta. Many people get fatigued and dull from foods with gluten. Avoid all preprocessed food, refined foods, fast food, and precooked food. It is best to cook your food from scratch, as much as possible. Choose the best fats. We have the finest olive oil in Spain, use it when preparing you food, in your raw food salad, and on your gluten free bread. If you get hungry around 3 and 4 in the afternoon, then eat a few almonds or 20 grams of dark chocolate, preferably above 92%.

I personally find that it is best to roughly plan your meals a week ahead of time, it is much easier to manage and it is not as stressing. I often make large portions, so I also have a little bit for the following day.

Stick to proper eating habits. It is unfortunately something I see is neglected in many diet and weight loss guides.

Eat breakfast every morning.

If you want to lose weight, then don’t eat too much. Take a portion, which is not too big, taste it and chew it slowly. Afterwards put down your knife and fork.

Don’t snack whilst you are preparing the food and don’t do it when the meal is over.

Before you start eating, sit for a little while and enjoy the look of your food. In this way, the enzymes in your mouth will start working in the oral cavity, before they reach the pancreas, which is often overworked and stressed.

Eat slowly, without TV or other distractions, such as noisy company.

You have to create a good atmosphere at your meals. Meals with the family are too often spend arguing and maybe even quarreling. Decide ahead of time that this can be done at other times.

If the main meal can be eaten during the midday, then it is best for dieting. Then the evening meal can just be an apple, some raw food, or a salad.

Dietary supplements

  • When dieting it is important to ensure that you are feeling well. As a foundation you should take a supplement of vitamins and minerals of high quality. It helps ensure a functioning metabolism.
  • Remember the healthy fats. They work together with the above mentioned as a symphony orchestra.
  • It can be good to take an extra supplement of B-vitamins. They are necessary for all the body’s functions and for functioning enzymes.
  • Use an extra supplement of Q10. They increase the energy production in the mitochondria.
  • Most people take a supplement of vitamin D. Take a supplement of 100mcg daily.
  • Magnesium is a mineral, which many people lack. It has been shown that magnesium and D-vitamins help each other, so you could for instance take vitamin D in the morning and magnesium in the evening, which will help you sleep better.
  • Add a high-quality probiotic.
  • To aid your metabolism you can supplement with selenium. Selenium improves the transformation of a metabolism hormone.
  • Zinc is also good for the metabolism.
  • Make sure you take a supplement of vitamin C, it is one of our most important antioxidants.
  • Many people lack iodine. You can take it as iodine or kelp tablets. Seaweed also contains iodine.
  • Chromium reduces your “sweet tooth”. Studies have shown that chromium can regulate, both your need for sugar and your blood sugar. Therefore, a supplement of 200 mcg daily can help you break the vicious circle, so you can easier complete your diet. If you are a fan of sweets, then you should know that sugar depletes the chromium you have in the body.
  • If you want to use aids to lose weight, then Nupo diet powder might be a good idea. It is a popular protein rich powder, which is available in many flavors. It can be a good way to kickstart a diet.
    If you choose to use a slimming product, then you should know that it will not work miracles. In my opinion, it must be combined with a change in your diet and lifestyle, however, it can be a good supplement.
  • There also exists different diet pills, where the Keto pill is probably the most known. It does, however, demand that you also follow the keto diet, which is not a part of this article.


Make sure that you get some kind of exercise every day. I personally enjoy my daily walks, and that is all I can manage at the moment. If you choose daily walks as well, then make sure that it is at least 30 minutes and preferably in a good tempo.

It is important that you find an exercise type, which fits you personally and which makes you happy.

Plenty of good sleep can work wonders.

Avoid, as much as possible, all types of stress. If you are stressed, then there is never far to the fringe, to find a temporary comfort, which will just stress you more afterwards. Look at the situation, which stresses you. Often stress can be replaced with an “Oh well”, I often find that the two small words “Oh well” can decrease my stress.

You may want to take a nap in the middle of the day, where no one interrupts you. Listen to your favorite music. I sometimes just love to listen to some “wild” music and dance around.

Good exercise and joy are thereby coupled together.

Enjoy life and its small wonders. Count the hours of light and remember to be grateful for the small victories. 

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